Monday, March 25, 2013

Dangerous Work

I knew taking the job leading this company in a war torn country not yet settled was dangerous. I had been robbed & threatened, but the Lord had kept my home safe until that day.


They must have entered the house silently for they were upon us before we could defend ourselves. Not knowing what else to do I shouted, "Lord, I call your warriors to defend us now." Suddenly the room was filled with half a dozen beings. The 10 foot ceilings were just tall enough to contain their height. The impossibly tall men-like creatures were wrapped in armor reminding me of Roman centurion costumes I had seen. These however glowed with a bronze light. Their spears seemed to vibrate with the energy coming from them.

The mercenaries that had been set upon us stood with jaws gaping and arms laying as dead men at their sides. Their weapons barely held up with the slight tension left in their fingers. The leader gathered himself and with a voice that can only be termed stupid courage said, "Boys these will go down with a bullet just like any other. Raise your weapons."

As they did so a noise that I assumed to be a voice emanated from on of the beings, "Do not be fool hardy. Save yourselves from this fate that will end in death. I see your hearts quaking within you. Do not follow this path. Choose another."

A second voice emanated from the opposite side. The steel in the voice was nearly palpable, "Turn and leave this place. Save your life to the benefit of your eternal soul."

The stupid courage spoke again, "Turn and I will shoot you where you stand."

I could see the doubt crossing the faces of the men caught in the middle of this impossible stand off. Then my eyes began to see something else. I saw the darkness gathering at their feet and growing up around their legs like vines. I felt the wisps of hatred and violence slipping through the lines of God's warriors. My heart shuddered within me, but a voice whispered to me, "Speak to it. Demand it to leave. Call Jesus into this place and Satan must flee. This is the power you have."

I let out a shaky breath I didn't know I was holding. The darkness grew and began to cover their chest. I knew my time to speak was growing thing. I opened my mouth to speak and the darkness reached out to me. Six spears pinned the darkness before I saw them move. My voice came out softly at first, but grew strong with sure usage. "Jesus, I ask you to enter this place. Repel the darkness growing on these men. Bring your light here so that no darkness is left. Lord Jesus come."

As I closed my mouth, I saw the darkness tremble under the point of the spear. I saw a light coming from the spears and cracking the darkness. The light gained strength as my faith grew in the ability of these beings and my Savior. The darkness shattered with a deafening silence. The pieces fell to the ground as the light streamed down from the ceiling. The absence of sound made the filling of light more tangible. The mercenaries were trapped in a war of their disbelief and their eyes. I could see the darkness flee as the light fell over a few. I could see the darkness cling to those where the light was slowly dripping.

I opened my mouth again not sure of what would come out, "Lord Jesus fill their heart with your light, your love, and your life. Don't let them walk out of here with this darkness clinging to them."


A Stopher said...

Oooh I LIKE it! Very powerful snippet. Keep going!

Andrea Ward said...

I'll tell you a secret. I'm thinking about working with Drew to make it into a comic or graphic novel.

A Stopher said...

I could see that! :)