Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Professionally Single, Part 3

"Are you an aspiring writer?"

"It's not in my plan. Of course if you ask most others in my life, I don't have much of a plan."

"Why is that?" Noelle asked becoming genuinely curious about this man.

"I'm 27 and have yet to settle into one job. I have one college degree, but I'm currently pursuing another one. I have tried the normal route of college and a steady job that leads you 'somewhere in the company.' I hated it, so I'm going back to art school. I have no clue where that will lead me, but I love my life."

Noelle smiled. "It's amazing how life blossoms when we move into the roles that were made for us."

"More wonderful words from the most eloquent single girl in the city. You have managed to give me words and validation that I haven't found previously. Normally conversations with family and old friends goes as such:

'Are you married?'
'Oh. A girlfriend then?'
'Well you are with the ladies, right?'
'Not like that.'
'Do you have a boyfriend?'
'No. I'm just single.'"

Noelle giggled knowing those conversations all too well.

"So anyway, you've given me much better words than that."

"Thanks. It's good to know that my words are making a difference for my readers. Some days I am convinced that the only people reading my column are the voyeurs."

"Oh there are probably plenty of those. I have plenty of voyeurs in my own life. I suppose all single people do. People seem to think that if you are single they should get to know everything about your life. You however are doing all of us singles a favor because we have an advocate for us. What made you decide to speak out about this?"

"I was tired of those conversations. I was looking for some reason to make it 'okay' that I was single. You know like people would stop bothering me if I was supposed to be single. When I began writing, I found that I have many opinions about singleness and society. The more I wrote, the more people responded. I went from a lowly ad saleswoman to a staff writer that is talking to a fan of her writing. There are benefits to being professionally single."

Their conversation flowed on pleasantly as it is apt to do amongst people of similar temperament and station in life. Noelle felt appreciated as a single woman. She was thankful that her singleness mattered.

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