Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Environmental Crimes Division

The water was the perfect temperature, hot enough to make her skin purple.  She eased herself into the tub as her stress melted away. Investigating these crimes all day had left Thrace exhausted. This suspect had her flying from one end of the region to the other tracking down leads and crime scenes. Without her permission, her mind drifted back towards today's events.
She had barely walked into the station when the call came in. She was gone again. Flying toward the southern edge of the region to investigate the latest destruction. As she flew toward the crime scene, she saw the news flights as well.

Grr. I wish the wish the no fly law had passed. She thought to herself. You know you are about the only one who is affected by them. It would be a little excessive to have a law just for yourself. The other side of her reasoned.

She flew very far left and then to south. She came upon the scene from the south instead of the north. She flew directly over the destruction before finding a place to land. She saw the acre of land burned black. From the previous crime scenes, she knew it was exactly one acre, no more no less. She also knew she should be flying through smoke as the forest should be smoldering. As was becoming normal in this case, there was no smoke.

Her mind was already reviewing the known facts of the case and adding what she had seen of this crime scene. As she approached the news flight, she dipped down low flew between the trees that were still standing. She arrived at the crime scene unseen by the news flight. She approached the officer on duty.

"Sergeant Fiana Thrace, Enviornmental Crimes Division."

"Sergeant Thrace, thank you for coming so quickly. You saw that we have the hallmarks of The Arbor Arsonist."

"Are there any new pieces of evidence?"

"Yes, ma'am. In a particularly thick clump of trees, we found a gel like substance. We bottled it, but otherwise haven't touched it for fear of contaminating evidence."

"Good work officer. I'll want to see the area later, but for now where is the bottle."

The seasoned officer handed her the bottle. She took it and examined it with the precaution she would an antique shovel. This could explode or disintegrate and be rendered useless. She noted it was colored orange and bore little weight. She strapped it into her evidence tote.

Mental note: Thank Jonathan again for creating this. I couldn't have gotten the promotion without this. She thought as she engaged her protection armor and followed the officer to the crime scene. She walked the perimeter and measured the destruction. It was as she figured, exactly one acre. She indicated she was ready to enter the destruction. She again followed the officer. This time they arrived at the site where the gel was found. She took photos and attempted to measure the unharmed portion as well as the thickness of the foliage on the forest floor. As she was taking measurements she noticed a yellow substance poking out from underneath the remnants of the gel. She grabbed a scalpel from the tools on her armor. She scraped what she could of the uncontaminated yellow substance. Without the use of all of her senses, she had no inkling what this could be. She strapped that into her evidence tote as well. After a bit more looking, she left the crime scene. At a safe distance away, she cleansed and disengaged her protective armor.

"Thank you for your help officer. I'll leave the rest to the technicians who should be here shortly. I will be heading back to The Lab to get these things tested. Good work today. This just might be the break through we need."

"I'm happy to be of assistance and if I may say so, it is my pleasure to serve your case in any way I can. You have been a revolutionary force in this division. Thank you."

She blushed a deep navy color and mentally cursed herself for it. Her words were simple though. "All in a days work."

Now soaking in her tub hours later, that term a day's work had a physical pain to go with it. She had dropped off the materials off at The Lab with Jonathan. She would check on that in the morning. Between now and then, she was going to try to rest.

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