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The Golden Crystal: A Book Review

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The only caveat I will add to the review is that there were a couple places where I was confused or there were typos. I'm not sure which it was. However, I assume the copy I received wasn't the final copy and those things will be fixed.

My Amazon Review:

This book is a Sci fi Action Adventure Ancient History Thriller.June 28, 2013
As you can tell, it is hard to classify! A book that doesn't fit easily into a genre is a book that breaks some rules. And I like it that way!

Mr. Thacker has written a superb novel that I thoroughly enjoyed! The ancient history intrigued me. The sci fi marveled me. The action adventure startled me. And he even threw in a smidge of theology in a very simple and satisfying way. I loved the experience of reading this book. I loved the what ifs this book made me consider. And I fell in love with the brave and noble characters that save the day.

I generally do not read action adventure thriller books because the are a bit too brutal for my tastes. This book did have some brutality in it and at times I was uncomfortable. However the rest of the book was too compelling to stop reading.

If you are squeamish about death, read this book with caution. (I think you should still read it though.) If you typically don't like sci fi books, let this one change your mind. If you don't like historical fiction, read this one anyway because it most certainly isn't boring! And if you are uncomfortable with the mention or discussion of a deity in novels, you can skip the page(s). (But I wouldn't recommend that because I think the pages are too good to skip.)

I think there is something that everyone will enjoy in this novel, so I think you should read it!

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In 1791, two men began planning the layout for the nation's capital city. One is shunned and resigns in disgrace, and the other is all but forgotten. Years later, an original copy of the plans long thought to have been destroyed is found, with hastily marked notations by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

During the second World War, American military scientists discover some fascinating properties of the hydrogen atom and its link to an ancient mystical number. The exact findings are never published, but a national laboratory is built in 1943 to further their research in covert silence. America is told it is a defense project, code-named The Manhattan Project.

An ego-maniacal entrepreneur and his company, Vilocorp, will stop at nothing to build the perfect human specimen. His firm's research has been getting closer every day, but they seem to have uncovered a horrific, ancient secret that has been locked away for thousands of years.

Now, it's up to two men to understand the mystery surrounding the events and ancient symbolism before Vilocorp unleashes a hellish fury upon the earth; one that hasn t been seen for ages... --From the back cover...

Book Details

422 pages
2013 Jul 1
Book length
Publication date

PublisherTurtleshell Press; 2 edition (July 1, 2013)

Price: $14.18

Disclaimer: I received a free copy (after I requested it) from Story Cartel in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anything other than the book. And I added the links to Amazon because that is where I reviewed it. I was not asked by Amazon, Story Cartel, or any affiliate to add the links to Amazon.

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