Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Characters: Ceddie Breen

I discovered that the 31 Days challenge originated at The Nester. There is a link up over there with a list of all the topics people are blogging about. I wanted to give her credit and let you know a little more about it in case you are interested.

Name: Ceddie Breen

Location: Same as Astin Windsor

Appearance: Short, blond, and round. Always well dressed in neutrals and metallics. Very little color because she doesn't want her clothes to distract from her personality or from the art she represents.

Career: Art Dealer

Personality: Bubbly and bright. She loves life and people and wants to share her love with everyone!

Back Story: Native of said city. Fluently speaks 3 languages. One of the few people Astin wants around her and trusts to see her work. In a world of serious men art dealers, she stands out loudly and loves every minute of it. One of the reasons she became an art dealer was her love of people and life. She finds so much life in art that she couldn't imagine living without it.

Where are they now?: Trying to convince Astin to host her own art show and start selling her art to the public. The story is probably from her point of view.

Day 3: Whit Gurdey

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