Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Characters: Whit Gurdey

Day 3, . I'm almost out of it on day 3. This is why I don't do blogging challenges. But I going to try to get it into under the wire. I have searched every place that I can think of and have not found the list of names and places. I will keep looking, but in the meantime I will be closely observing my world for inspiration. For today,

Name: Whit (short for Whitten) Gurdey

Career: Ex-military. Currently, searching for a new postion. 

Location: Small city or small town USA. Maybe the mountains.

Appearance: Tall, broad, but not excessively so, very short hair

Personality: Demanding, disciplined, principled. Exudes confidence.

Back story: Several comically bad relationships left him wondering what in the world he is here for. He is used to rules and to have somone to tell him how to go about things. He has also had several comically bad job interviews. And his neighbors don't really like him either. He just doesn't understand people.

Where are they now?: Looking for his new place in this world. Job wise, neighborhood wise, relationship wise. He is desperately searching for someone to explain things to him, but he doesn't have the courage or humility to just open up about it. Then comes Ruby.

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