Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Couple Good Mysteries


I started the book slowly and put it down for awhile, but I did finally pick it up and decide to finish it. And I'm glad I did. Sarah, the main character, grew on me. I didn't like her much at first, but she turned into a strong likeable character. I did speed read through the last half of the book. When I discovered that there was treasure and not so much secrets that they were chasing, I started to speed read assuming I wouldn't like it. However, I really liked it and slowed down about 75% of the way through to read it carefully. The ending was not tied up into a neat bow and I'm glad it wasn't. The ending was satisfying, but not complete. However, a large part of the novel and the way Sarah was written make the 'incomplete' ending the right one and the preferred one. 

If you like stories of family secrets, read this. If you like strong female characters, read this. If you like a setting by the ocean in the British Isles, read this one. 

It is not free of pain and is free of excessive and unnecessary romance. I was pleased on both counts, but not everyone would agree with me. So be aware of those factors as well.

The Charter [Kindle Edition]

Gillian Hamer 

Kindle Price:$3.90
  • Print Length: 396 pages


I liked it more as I read more. At first, I thought the main character was a bit childish and so were some of the scenes. However, I kept reading and it got better. The characters were more likeable and the writing got better. There was still a scene or two that I thought were unnecessary. That is pretty minor. The characters went through some really painful things in the book or had lived through them. I have to admire an author who will write her characters through all that. Overall, a pleasant read in a great setting with great characters.

Firefly Beach [Kindle Edition]

Meira Pentermann Amy Feiman 

Print List Price:$11.00
Kindle Price:$2.99
You Save:$8.01 (73%)
  • Print Length: 332 pages

These are just a couple books that I read and enjoyed. I was not asked by anyone to read them or review them.