Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Review: Mug Shot by Caroline Fardig

Mug ShotMug Shot by Caroline Fardig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am just so in love with Juliet! This one had me talking to my e-reader. Juliet is not only at her sleuthing again, but she is more brazen than I remembered her being last time. She is putting her health and wealth on the line for this one. And by the end, she finally seems to be making some good decisions for her love life as well.

I was surprised by the victim, surprised by the victim's secrets, surprised by the suspects (not Pete, but the others), and surprised by the ending. This one is just so good! I do have to say I figured out who was the real murderer about 15 pages before Juliet, but the ending is just so fabulous.

This is considered a cozy mystery and follows a rather predictable pattern. If that is going to bother you, you probably shouldn't read this. If you are interested in a fun read with fun characters and a bit of surprise, you should read this. If you like cozy mysteries, this series should be on your list. It is amazing!

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This series is similar to the series by Cleo Coyle. I figured that out because I read, listened to, one of hers recently. Both series are fabulous even if I get them mixed up sometimes. It might not be a good idea to read 3 different cozy mystery series at the same time. (I also just finished a Josie Prescott mystery.) Amazing literature this isn't, but it isn't supposed to be. It is a cozy mystery which is my favorite formulaic genre fiction. I don't care if the characters are eerily similar and the situation is unrealistic. I still love them! And Juliet is developing into a fabulous character. So if you want a fun mystery read, this is a great one to choose!

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